Find Out Where a Business Use Is Allowed

Welcome to the Business Use Look Up Tool. This tool allows you to determine where different types of businesses can be located within the City.

Follow the steps below to use the tool:

1. Enter the type of business use you wish to inquire about in the box below. For example, enter “Spa” or “Day Care”.

2. The results provide the official name or category for that business use in the zoning code, together with a list of zoning districts in which the type of business use may be allowed.

3. Each zoning district includes a link to the Redmond Zoning Code. Use these links to review regulations for each of the districts in which the types of business use may be allowed. This step is important to clarify whether, how, and where a business use may be located within a specific zoning district. You can also view a list of the zoning district names here.

4. The next link shown below will allow you to view a map of the zoning districts where the business use may be allowed.

For additional assistance in using the Business Use Look Up Tool, contact the Planner On Call, 425-556-2494.

For information and services regarding your business, refer to the Economic Development webpage.